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Easy-to-use interview system guarantees a good match between secretary and attorney

For secretarial interviews, an Ohio administrator uses the approach that includes everything—attorney input, staff input and even observations from…

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Nightmare on Main Street: Scary commutes

As the spookiest day of the year approaches, staffing firm Robert Half highlights the cities with the most hair-raising commutes. Last month, the company surveyed…


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10 interview questions that reveal the true personality of every job applicant

Interviewing job candidates is perhaps the most serious responsibility of management. A bad hire is a full-time disaster, because the…

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Emotional retention: New strategies to retain top talent

By Brenda Barnes  bio
Great businesses are built with great people. In today’s competitive employment market, it’s hard enough to recruit those great people, but the real challenge is…

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Firms spend average of $12,000 to recruit and train each entry-level lawyer

Newly minted associates may see employers extend more job offers, research indicates. Nearly one-quarter (22 percent) of lawyers recently interviewed by…

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Five personalities to weed out when hiring for staff positions

Just as important as being able to do the work and being willing to do the work is having a personality that fits the job…

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How your firm’s telecommuting policies affect your recruiting strategy

If you’re rethinking your firm’s telecommuting policies, hold on. There is a trend among some larger companies of bringing remote workers back into corporate offices, but candidates still…

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Orientation program sends new hires in the right direction

Staff orientation ensures a good start on the job. No matter what the work, the employer/employee relationship is made or broken in the first 90 days, says the director of administration at a 37-attorney office in California. It’s during those first three months that people conclude either…

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To-Dos: Your September office checklist

Now that the summer is over and you’re facing the final quarter, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are some important tasks you…

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Six easy ways to open the door to a malpractice claim

Answering a malpractice claim is a wretched experience that worsens as it goes along, because once a client files a malpractice claim…

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