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How to make sure your intake consultation covers all the services your firm provides

In a law firm, service counts. In fact, it’s often the service more than the legal abilities that brings in repeat business, says practice management and marketing consultant…

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4 bad financial habits that may increase your policy premiums and your malpractice risk

Ineffective billing and collections practices affect more than the bottom line. They ultimately may determine what the firm has to…

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The 6 essentials to include in your Business Continuity Plan to help your firm survive a disaster

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
The first thing you might be wondering is why do I need a business continuity plan? With technology being what it is today, I bet every lawyer and law firm think…

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5 actions to take when you hear, “I don’t trust you”

By Audrey Epstein  bio
Talking about trust is tough in business. When a colleague tells you, “I don’t trust you” your first instinct is probably to react defensively or aggressively, and rarely with…

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How and why you need to carefully screen cold calls from potential new clients

What’s your firm’s process for dealing with a potential new client? What happens when someone sends the firm an email asking for a quote for a real estate transaction or when a frantic caller leaves a…

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Traditional procedures bring in the most money

Getting paid or not getting paid to a great extent depends on the firm’s billing and collection guidelines – and whether they are…

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3 dozen ways to handle difficult discussions

Clear communication is vital in any office, particularly in a law office, where there is a climate of power differential and hierarchy. However, many employees…

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To-Dos: Your July office checklist

According to best-selling author Regina Brett, “Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and…

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Partner retirement: how to keep the clients and assign the business

When a partner retires, the top business concern is if and how the firm can keep the clients. And there’s more than one reason to…

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Simple ways to kill every tried and true legal marketing effort

The most sophisticated marketing can fall flat from the simplest attorney mistakes. Here are…

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