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Haven’t prepared your 2018 budget yet? These 3 steps will help you get it done

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
No one likes to prepare a budget. Looking ahead a year and seeing what it’s going to cost to run your law firm can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when…

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Outsmarting workplace bullies

Working in a hectic medical practice can be challenging and stressful enough, but if bullies are in your midst the stakes can…

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How to deliver bad news to 3 kinds of underperforming employees

The talk of management isn’t easy. Here are three especially difficult conversations to be prepared for…

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The simple secret to hiring a great receptionist

Hire a receptionist and hire the manager of first and lasting impressions. The receptionist position is a marketing position…

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Dear newly hired law firm: Here’s what I really want

By Robert Denney  bio
What would it be like to be on the receiving end of an engagement letter after accepting a new client? While they may not actually put any…

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Establishing an effective pricing policy in your law firm

As law firms evolve, tracking key metrics and producing top-tier results are absolutely necessary, and new methodologies and thought processes have…

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Pick up on these revealing “non-verbal cues” to avoid hiring problem staffers

Good interviewing requires resume evaluation and a bit of psychology, says Scott Ford, manager of a professional office in Utah. It’s not just what candidates say but…

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Law firm focuses on elder client needs

An elder law practice deals with non-legal issues other firms rarely encounter, says the founder of a seven attorney elder law firm in…

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How to do staff training that really works

“Excellence,” said Aristotle, “is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because…

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9 ways your firm can avoid the downward spiral of debt

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
When it comes to debt, I believe that less is more. And it makes me shake my head when I hear about firms going into debt to finance their…

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