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3 steps a manager must take to end harmful gossip in the workplace

By Lynne Curry  bio
Gossip, it spreads as fast as wildfire, sours the workplace, negatively impacts morale and productivity, and can create legal liability. If you’d like to wipe it out…

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Don’t leave succession planning on your law firm’s back burner

Having a discussion about selling your law firm as you approach retirement isn’t always easy, because it can get you thinking about uncomfortable issues such as…

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8 signs your firm needs an operations analysis

An operational analysis is an in-depth analysis of the firms’s operations, or, put simply…

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To make a point, use the body language that support your words

Few managers realize that successful communication depends heavily on body language…

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7 ways to make your firm stand out among your competition

The competition for clients is fierce and law firms are marketing heavily, says marketing expert…

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9 ways your firm can avoid the downward spiral of debt

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
When it comes to debt, I believe that less is more. And it makes me shake my head when I hear about firms going into debt to finance their…

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On Better Communication

Do you freeze up when asked to write something for work? Don’t worry. Whether you’re writing a letter to a client or a blog for the…

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Ensure success in your new job as administrator

As soon as you’ve accepted the position of law firm administrator, you need to establish expectations…

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Top 10 phishing phrases of 2018: The KnowBe4 list

By Jay Stromberg  bio
As you may know, Savvy is the largest reseller in the legal industry for KnowBe4 security awareness training. We are…

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To-Dos: Your April office checklist

Here are a few tasks that should be addressed this month…

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