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The 10 assumptions NOT to make when doing your OSHA 300s

December is here and it’s time for the logs. No, not the yule logs—the OSHA 300 logs! It’s time to get the…

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Can your employee’s mouth pull you into a defamation lawsuit?

By Lynne Curry, Ph.D., SPHR  bio
“J.J.” is a hard-working, talented manager who makes caustic statements when he stresses out. Although he initially offended you when you first started supervising him, you learned not to…

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5 steps to building a law office staff that cares

What’s the climate like in your organization? Is it productive? Is it inclusive or exclusive? Do your employees enjoy coming to…

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Managing political discussions in the workplace

By Lynne Curry  bio
During the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, more than fifty percent of Americans admitted they had taken part in…

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What you need to know about complying with the FLSA

To be or not to be exempt from overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? That is the big question, according to…

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TO-DOs: Your November office checklist

There’s a lot happening this month—everything from a presidential election to Thanksgiving to Love Your Lawyer Day (yes, really). Here are at least 10 things you should…

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8 steps to quickly and (almost) painlessly creating an employee handbook tailored to your firm

Writing an employee handbook from scratch can be a very daunting task. Where do you start? What do you include? And how are you going to find time to write the…

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5 blind spots in sexual harassment policies and how to fix them

Recent months have witnessed the morphing of workplace sexual harassment prevention from legal requirement to moral imperative. And while the current fervor is…

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Trust account errors that could get you disbarred

As a law firm administrator, trust accounting issues need to be your primary concern, according to Joryn Jenkins, a collaborative divorce attorney, author and…

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4 ethics rules your staff might be violating

It’s not just attorneys in your office who have to follow the rules of ethics. Your staff members have to follow them, too. It doesn’t matter where…

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