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Should you outsource your IT department?

It’s a question many law firm administrators face at some point, particularly when discussing workforce restructuring: Is it time to…

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A dozen cybersecurity tips for mobile device users

The vast majority of Americans—95%—now owns a cellphone of some kind, and the percentage of Americans with smartphones has risen to…

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How to keep the office in business-as-usual shape after any kind of disaster

How disaster-prepared is the business side of your office? Although large organizations often have…

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Is a false sense of confidence among your employees exposing your practice to costly phishing emails?

Intermedia, a cloud business applications provider, has released Part 1 of its 2017 Data Vulnerability Report, which examines the security behavioral habits of more than…

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To-Dos: Your August office checklist

Usually, the middle of summer is a great time for tackling projects that you can’t get to during the rest of the year. Here are a few suggestions:…

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Busting 7 common information security myths

Commonly held myths about information security can lead to a potential data breach and ultimately have a big impact on a…

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Information Security Checklist for Small Businesses

Why you need this checklist:

This checklist, created by Sensei Enterprises, Inc., will help you identify what your cybersecurity program must address.

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Cyberthreats demand your attention and a customized approach

The recently released BakerHostetler 2017 Data Security Incident Response Report highlights the critical need for senior executives in all industries to understand and be ready to…

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Keep your firm and yourself cyber safe with some digital spring cleaning

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) are encouraging consumers to get their online lives in good order by conducting a…

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Don’t tolerate unethical behavior

By Steve M. Cohen bio

Why you need to draw a line
Some of the most difficult office decisions come down to ethics, and some of the most difficult ethical decisions often…

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