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Reports of the death of the billable hour are greatly exaggerated

By Sue-Ella Prodonovich  bio
How often are we told that the billable hour has had its day? That it’s archaic, that it’s inefficient, that it makes our clients angry and…

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If you’re ignoring these 6 rules, you can kiss your budget good-bye

It’s that time of year when law firm administrators need to “calmly and carefully consider how they are going to invest their resources to…

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Should you ‘Friend’ your co-workers on social media?

Do you “like” the idea of office friendships crossing over into social media? More than seven in 10 professionals (71 percent) polled by staffing firm OfficeTeam said…

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How your firm’s telecommuting policies affect your recruiting strategy

If you’re rethinking your firm’s telecommuting policies, hold on. There is a trend among some larger companies of bringing remote workers back into corporate offices, but candidates still…

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Four bad financial habits that may increase your policy premiums and your malpractice risk

Ineffective billing and collections practices affect more than the bottom line. They ultimately may determine what the firm has to…

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Psychology to use when presenting a staff complaint to a partner

Any complaint from a staffer about a boss is unpleasant to address. But when the alleged culprit is a partner, the situation can get…

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How to deliver a great presentation on any topic

To grow in the job, a manager has to communicate ideas and visions and recommendations…

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What to do when an opioid crisis hits your law firm

By Lynne Curry  bio
The first time you saw “Bill” appear to nod off during a staff meeting, you pulled him aside after the meeting. When you asked if he was…

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To-Dos: Your September office checklist

Now that the summer is over and you’re facing the final quarter, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are some important tasks you…

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90-day goals for success and job satisfaction

A manager’s success turns on “what other people are able to accomplish.” And to a great extent, accomplishments depend…

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