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6 tips for choosing legal practice management software

By Diane Camacho There continues to be a tremendous push in the legal community from practice management software companies. This has evolved from the use of cloud-based software. What should practice management software do for you? Keep all your client information in one place. Keep all your information available to you on the go. Allow you to enter your information one time for all applications. Provide document automation. Provide document management. Efficiently track your time and produce bills. Either produce financial reports or sync with a financial management platform like QuickBooks. From my experience in the legal community and particularly working with small firms and solo practitioners, I’ve accumulated the following tips on legal practice management software. Tip 1 Each of these programs have a sweet spot. Some do billing… . . . read more


How and why you need to carefully screen cold calls from potential new clients

What’s your firm’s process for dealing with a potential new client? What happens when someone sends the firm an email asking for a quote for a real estate transaction or when a frantic caller leaves a…

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Nine traps to avoid when checking for conflicts

Before a law firm accepts any new file, it must first ensure that no conflict of interest exists. Yet, despite having stringent conflict-checking procedures…

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To-Dos: Your June office checklist

As we near the end of the second quarter, it’s a good time to see if the firm, staff, and you are all on track with respect to the goals you set in January or if any course corrections are needed. Here are a few areas you…

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Use weekly financial reporting to keep partners aware of cash flow

A Vermont manager has found that running the financial reports weekly instead of monthly is an easy way for the partners to stay always aware and in control of what’s…

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Pop Quiz: How well do you understand the new FLSA overtime rules?

Sandra Hoyle-Smith, SPHR of B2 Management & Consulting recently gave a webinar to Law Office Manager subscribers outlining the new FLSA (Fair Labor Standard’s Act) overtime rules and how…

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Buried by paper? Time to crawl out and go digital

In a report dated August 9, 2012, Linda A. Halliday, the Assistant Inspector General for Audits and Evaluations of the Department of Veterans Affairs, called for immediate action to address the “Risks Associated with Veterans Claims Folder Storage, Building Integrity, and Employee Safety at…

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Model Tool: Monthly Attorney Report

Why you need this model tool:

No firm can support even an excellent attorney who isn’t profitable. Superb skills alone are not enough. Each attorney has to bring in a profit, and the numbers show in plain dollars and cents what profit each attorney is producing.

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Why you should consider automating your client screening process

What’s your firm’s process for dealing with a potential new client? While large law firms may have sophisticated systems of vetting potential new clients that include detailed conflict of interest searches and approval committees, Edie Zimmerman of Legal Software Solutions, suggests your consider automating your screening process.
“Some practice management databases allow the ability to create endless custom fields to capture the exact answers to the exact questions deemed important by your firm.”
With the right software, Zimmerman says…

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Dealing with workplace accusations? It’s time to investigate

By Steve M. Cohen  bio
In dealing with your office staff, allegations of wrongdoing are never something you can ignore. Whether the charge involves sexual or racial harassment, bullying or something else, they must never be ignored. Never.
Remember, an allegation by itself is neither fact nor fiction. It is simply a statement made by someone within your organization. In many ways, how you handle it can be as important as the facts themselves.
Ignoring an accusation leads to more problems
If an employee makes an allegation and is ignored, multiple problems arise. Consider two examples: the first is a charge of sexual harassment and the second…

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