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To-Dos: Your June office checklist

January may seem like a lifetime ago, with the months of office closures, remote work, and now office reopenings. Still, as we near the end of the second quarter, it’s a good time to see if the firm, staff, and you are all on track with respect to the goals you set in January or if any course corrections are needed. Here are a few areas you can address.

1. Check the budget. Review the budget to see if and where alterations are needed. Are the goals still appropriate? Are employees making good progress in achieving the goals? Determine whether goals need to be adjusted or if you or the employees should take steps to remove any obstacles.

2. Check the P&Ls. Review the profit and loss statement as it compares to the budget and discuss ways to improve it. Are any adjustments to the work, productivity, billing, and outlays required so the money picture stays on course? Are any individual expenses getting out of hand?

3. Reconcile the accounts. Remember to reconcile your trust account every month—not just the bank statement. Reconcile the bank statement with your client ledgers and your check register every month and make sure all the balances match exactly. If all your accounting processes are in order, reconciling the trust account does not take long at all.

4. Check your benefit plans. If June is a quiet month for you, use the time to shop your insurance market and compare costs. Plans can vary significantly form carrier to carrier. Shopping around every year will help keep your insurance agent honest. Many firms rely on their friend the insurance agent to provide that service and don’t realize it is easier to the agent to continue to use the same carriers. Often when firms ask for bids, they find less expensive plans and so does that agent.

5. Meet with the staff. Conduct a performance review of all staff and while you’re at it, ensure you have all the current emergency contact information. Even if it’s not yet time for your annual performance review, help staff meet their goals by conducting a review every quarter and include feedback from the supervising attorney.

6. Review all job descriptions. Many employers don’t have job descriptions at all, and many more have descriptions that haven’t been updated in years. But it’s not fair to evaluate someone without fully explaining the requirements of the job—from the very large to the very small. If your office has zero descriptions or descriptions that are outdated, it’s time to start afresh. And the place to start the task is with the current staff. Ask them to draw up summaries of the responsibilities, education, training, and skills their jobs require, using a questionnaire that breaks out the individual elements that need to be addressed.

7. Keep an eye on your path to a raise. If, earlier this year, you asked the partners what they expected you to accomplish this year and how the expectations will be measured, now is the time to check your progress. Are there any unanticipated obstacles? Or better-than-anticipated results? Either way, be sure you keep the partners updated on your progress so that there are no surprises for either of you at the end of the year.

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