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Illinois manager develops unique staff review system that does it all

An Illinois manager has developed a review system that, besides determining raises, increases communication throughout the office and also promotes teamwork.
The process is referred to as a 360-degree evaluation, where everybody reviews…

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Watch out for federal and state laws when promoting your practice on social media and websites

Social media can be useful for getting a practice’s name out there and helping potential clients find you. But there are legal and ethical issues raised by use of social media. Federal and state laws are also implicated when a law office decides to promote its services whether it be through establishing a website or participating in forums such as…

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Chicago firm discovers in-person interviews can sharply increase client service and satisfaction

A Chicago law firm goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, sometimes even getting on a plane to do so. Like many firms, 37-attorney firm sends out client satisfaction surveys. But unlike most firms, it gets the responses via in-person interviews held at the clients’ places of business.
The visits are limited to the largest revenue-producing clients, says the managing partner. However, the others aren’t ignored. They get the same attention via personal phone calls, and if an issue gets raised during an interview, the firm follows up with…

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Electronic cigarettes: why your firm needs a “vaping” policy now

Your employment policies address cigarettes, and so you think you have the smoking issue covered. Well, think again. Electronic cigarettes have created new challenges for employers.
Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, first became available in the United States in 2006 and have grown in popularity. Designed to look like cigarettes, they are battery-powered devices, usually made of plastic or metal, that convert liquid nicotine into a mist, or vapor that the user inhales. The liquid nicotine is often flavored and the vapor produced resembles smoke.
How popular are e-cigarettes? Popular enough to spawn the terms “vaper,” for a smoker, and “vaping,” for the act of…

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