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Model Client Satisfaction Survey

Why you need this model survey:

Clients demand value and, in this competitive market, you need to find out if you are meeting your clients’ needs and giving value for the fees you receive. A client survey is a relatively easy way to get this information.

. . . download here


Model Tool: Monthly Attorney Report

Why you need this model tool:

No firm can support even an excellent attorney who isn’t profitable. Superb skills alone are not enough. Each attorney has to bring in a profit, and the numbers show in plain dollars and cents what profit each attorney is producing.

. . . download here


Model Tool: Catastrophic Leave Program Donation Form

Why you need this form:

Leave-sharing programs must meet certain criteria in order to be valid under the Internal Revenue Service’s general tax rules and under various state laws.

. . . download here


Model Tool: New matter intake form

Why you need this form:

Before accepting a new matter from an existing client, you should obtain as much information about the new case as possible. This process, known as “case screening,” can help you avoid many potential problems.

. . . download here