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Cost-cutting strategies for law firms

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
After much resistance, kicking, and screaming, lawyers are finally facing the reality that the business of practicing law is separate from the practice of law. What exactly does this mean? It means that a law practice is a business and from…

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How to create a budget for your law firm

While many attorneys cringe at the thought of creating a budget, there are five important reasons why your law firm needs one, says…

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Specific acknowledgement and specific recognition create a happy, productive staff

What’s the one element that makes people pleased to come to work every day…

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Easy ways to make your law office healthier

Too often, law offices not only fail to promote staff health and well-being, they might actually detract from it.
Why does it matter?
A healthy workplace encourages staff engagement and productivity, which has a direct impact on the profitability of…

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How in the world can anybody stop gossip?

Question: How can a manager effectively put the squelch on office gossip?
(Submitted by Timothy Burns, chief administrative officer, Glenwood Medical Associates, Glenwood Springs, CO)…

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Sample Budget Spreadsheet

Why you need this budget spreadsheet:

While many attorneys cringe at the thought of creating a budget, there are several important reasons why your law firm needs one, including helping you prepare for unexpected expenses.

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Do compensation plans drive succession planning results?

By Brenda A. Barnes  bio
Compensation—or lack thereof—drives many, if not most, succession plans. The most obvious reason for a succession plan is to compensate principals fairly for…

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Easy-to-use interview system guarantees a good match between secretary and attorney

For secretarial interviews, an Ohio administrator uses the approach that includes everything—attorney input, staff input and even observations from…

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How great managers delegate

When it comes to delegating work to staff, managers rarely hit a happy medium. Instead, they tend to fall at the ends of the spectrum: those who do not delegate enough and those who delegate…

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What’s the ‘employee experience’ like at your law firm?

Professionals have been talking about the customer experience and the candidate experience for years, so it was bound to happen. Another term is now being batted around in…

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