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Creating culture change: a case study of how one firm made technology training a priority

By Doug Striker  bio
Recently, I was speaking with a colleague who provides contract technology training services to law firms, much like we do at Savvy. She told me about a year-long experience that she recently had with a firm and it was so universally applicable that we agreed to…

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Keep profits on track with this quick 5-point spring financial checkup

It happens every January. The firm makes grand resolutions to improve the financial performance.
But by spring, the attorneys get bogged down in their old habits. It’s the administrator’s job to keep the attorneys focused on their financial resolves, because their abilities and…

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Just how truthful is that applicant’s resume? Here’s how to find out

There’s always tough competition for a good job. And sometimes, to beat out the competition, people do more than…

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How to increase—and demonstrate—your value to the firm

Don’t become an economic casualty. When revenues drop, firms put their administrators under close scrutiny. They want a…

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2 proven ways to build staff morale fast

What builds staff morale? Letting staff participate in the office’s operations, getting their ideas, and using their suggestions are good for…

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Why you need to stop talking to start leading

By Rebecca Teasdale  bio
Recently, a colleague and I were at a dinner function with a group of leaders from a client company. We found ourselves seated at a table with…

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What’s overshadowing your partnerʼs big revenues?

Any firm can lose money to the very partners who are bringing in the most of it. That’s because…

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Why employers often get worker wellbeing wrong and how to get it right

A new report from the Campbell Institute indicates not all employers are getting worker wellbeing right, and it could be affecting the sustainability of their business…

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3 proven ways to build a more profitable client base

It’s always a good idea for any business to revisit its business plan, making sure it’s on track with its vision and meeting the needs of its…

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Nine traps to avoid when checking for conflicts

Before a law firm accepts any new file, it must first ensure that no conflict of interest exists. Yet, despite having stringent conflict-checking procedures…

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