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How and when to ask a client for a referral

A new client should be a planned event, not an accident.
And the most productive way to get a continuing stream of planned events is to…

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Nine traps to avoid when checking for conflicts

Before a law firm accepts any new file, it must first ensure that no conflict of interest exists. Yet, despite having stringent conflict-checking procedures…

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Job descriptions make paralegals a profit center

A Phoenix firm realized its paralegal force was not paying for itself in billings. Instead, the group was not only unsupervised but was being given…

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Developing productive associates: Why the traditional annual review gets a FAIL!

If the goal is to develop the associates into productive—and profitable—attorneys, the traditional annual review is not enough…

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To-Dos: Your January checklist

Make a fresh start this year with a focused team, a financial plan, organized files, and a decluttered computer. Here are some tasks you can accomplish this month to help keep your office running smoothly and…

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5 tactics to try at the next trade show to bring in new business

It’s inexpensive. It hits the exact market the firm wants to target. And it provides face-to-face contact with potential clients…

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9 ways to stay neutral (and sane) when reporting to multiple lawyers

The job of managing a law office can be unpredictable, because you often don’t have the luxury of answering to just one boss. Instead, there are as many bosses as there are…

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5 ways to make a great first impression

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So it’s important to consider what judgment calls your clients are making about your firm’s…

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Life of the ‘office’ party: Managers’ most embarrassing holiday party gaffes revealed

Falling into a pool, sleeping under a table, fighting with the boss and screaming like a werewolf – scenes from a rough weekend or a…

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Can every attorney in your office answer these 10 critical questions?

Want to see more profit in 2019? Get each attorney to draw up a practice plan for the year. A plan forces the attorneys to organize their…

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