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Proof of tech skills: Everybody’s doing it!

By Jay Stromberg bio When it comes to professional upward mobility, it’s looking like assessments are where it’s at. According to a recent article in, even LinkedIn is getting into the assessment game. “LinkedIn, the social networking service for the working world, is today taking the wraps off its latest effort to provide its users with better tools for presenting their professional selves, and to make the process of recruitment on the platform more effective. It will now offer a new feature called Skills Assessments: short, multiple-choice tests that users can take to verify their knowledge in areas like computer languages, software packages and other work-related skills.” In some ways, the legal industry is ahead of this curve. Ever since the American Bar Association updated their Model Rules in 2012 to include technological… . . . read more


“I thought you had the baby!” “I thought YOU did!”

By Jay Stromberg bio Sorry about my alarming headline, but I thought it was the perfect analogy for a topic I want to discuss today. If you’re a parent, you have likely experienced this terrifying moment: You and your spouse look at each other and realize that you both assumed the other one was in charge of the kid(s). A mad scramble ensues and, hopefully, your cherub is playing happily in the backyard. I honestly think this is very similar to what happens in law firms that need to train attorneys and staff to use new technologies: No one wants to be responsible for demanding that attorneys advance their skills. So, no one talks about it and no one takes responsibility. And when attorneys refuse to learn, their secretaries will… . . . read more


How and why you need to carefully screen cold calls from potential new clients

What’s your firm’s process for dealing with a potential new client? What happens when someone sends the firm an email asking for a quote for a real estate transaction or when a frantic caller leaves a…

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10 ways managers are improving their law firms

Ah, the woes of running a law office. You know them well: Reams of reports, scheduling squabbles, technology tangles, and so much more. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and strategy to make a…

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Redesign the office to keep up with industry and technology changes

Take a look around your workplace.
Does it reflect the traditional image of a law firm—a somber place of serious business with an abundant supply of mahogany furniture and…

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To-Dos: Your March office checklist

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That’s outside, where winter storms give way to springtime calm. Inside, there can also…

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Surveys find employees are shopping at work on Cyber Monday, but most will try to hide it

Take a look around at your office right now. Are your colleagues actually banging out a report or are they…

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To-Dos: Your August office checklist

Usually, the middle of summer is a great time for tackling projects that you can’t get to during the rest of the year. Here are a few suggestions:…

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How simple technology solutions can make your job astonishingly easier

As a law office manager, there likely are many days when you are frantically running around trying to make plays, getting blindsided by distractions, and sometimes even…

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How law firm managers can get a better night’s sleep

By Brenda Barnes  bio
It’s a common problem for law firm managers: lost sleep over those gnawing concerns about what they “don’t know” about their practice…

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