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Don’t lose your new employees their first week

By Lynne Curry Employers regularly hire me to conduct exit interviews when promising new employees leave within their first six months. After conducting hundreds of interviews, I can document that newly hired employees decide what their employer is like and whether they will fit in and be successful during their first days and weeks. Here’s what employers, managers and supervisors need to know. The new employee you hired may receive another enticing job offer after they join your organization. Other employers, desperate to land a quality employee, reach out on LinkedIn and other sites advertising attractive jobs. While your new hire may not be keeping an eye on ZipRecruiter or, a recruiter’s algorithms may still find your employee’s LinkedIn profile. Worse, an unhappy employee on your team may pull… . . . read more


3 onboarding mistakes that put retention at risk

By Dina Eisenberg  bio
This is a tight market for legal professionals. The demand for paralegals is expected to rise 8% by 2022. If you’ve found…

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Effective mentoring helps minimize staff turnover woes

A well-designed and well-managed mentoring program can have a major positive impact upon the career development and retention of associates in law firms big and small, says…

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Setting up new employees for long-term success

By Piyush Patel  bio
So you’ve finally found the perfect candidate to fill that role. You’ve spent endless hours reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and now you’ve found a great person who is ready to join…

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