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Unique client communication approach gives small firm a huge marketing advantage

Like many small firms, one Michigan office operates in a precarious environment. With only two attorneys and four staff, it faces heavy competition from larger firms as well as from…

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How to protect your client data while complying with PCI anti-fraud measures

What would you do if you were asked to install monitoring software on your network? Gary Allen Gardner of Rosi & Gardner, P.C. in Traverse City, Michigan, shares how he resolved a recent troubling request his firm received

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Ask this one question to keep the clients coming

A client survey can take whatever form and be as detailed as the firm wants. But there is just one question to worry about: Will you…

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How long should you keep client and practice records?

A lot of questions come up about the most basic elements of maintaining and destroying client records.
And that’s because to many of those questions “there’s no hard and fast answer,” says Washington, DC, attorney and record management consultant Teresa Schoch is also a past member of the Michigan Bar Association’s ethics committee.
Here are seven such issues.
The 10-year retention practice
How long do client records have to be kept?
Client records are usually maintained for 10 years, Schoch says. “That’s a common number.” It applies to anything other than wills, trusts, documents related to corporate filings, and original documents that have to be kept long…

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