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Creating culture change: a case study of how one firm made technology training a priority

By Doug Striker  bio
Recently, I was speaking with a colleague who provides contract technology training services to law firms, much like we do at Savvy. She told me about a year-long experience that she recently had with a firm and it was so universally applicable that we agreed to…

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Just how truthful is that applicant’s resume? Here’s how to find out

There’s always tough competition for a good job. And sometimes, to beat out the competition, people do more than…

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How to increase—and demonstrate—your value to the firm

Don’t become an economic casualty. When revenues drop, firms put their administrators under close scrutiny. They want a…

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2 proven ways to build staff morale fast

What builds staff morale? Letting staff participate in the office’s operations, getting their ideas, and using their suggestions are good for…

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What’s overshadowing your partnerʼs big revenues?

Any firm can lose money to the very partners who are bringing in the most of it. That’s because…

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Nine traps to avoid when checking for conflicts

Before a law firm accepts any new file, it must first ensure that no conflict of interest exists. Yet, despite having stringent conflict-checking procedures…

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Six easy ways to open the door to a malpractice claim

Answering a malpractice claim is a wretched experience that worsens as it goes along, because once a client files a malpractice claim…

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Use weekly financial reporting to keep partners aware of cash flow

A Vermont manager has found that running the financial reports weekly instead of monthly is an easy way for the partners to stay always aware and in control of what’s…

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7 golden rules for a trouble-free office move

There is no room for error in any office move. For every day the attorneys can’t get into the new location or can’t…

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To-Dos: Your March office checklist

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That’s outside, where winter storms give way to springtime calm. Inside, there can also…

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