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Creating culture change: a case study of how one firm made technology training a priority

By Doug Striker  bio
Recently, I was speaking with a colleague who provides contract technology training services to law firms, much like we do at Savvy. She told me about a year-long experience that she recently had with a firm and it was so universally applicable that we agreed to…

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Just how truthful is that applicant’s resume? Here’s how to find out

There’s always tough competition for a good job. And sometimes, to beat out the competition, people do more than…

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2 proven ways to build staff morale fast

What builds staff morale? Letting staff participate in the office’s operations, getting their ideas, and using their suggestions are good for…

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Six easy ways to open the door to a malpractice claim

Answering a malpractice claim is a wretched experience that worsens as it goes along, because once a client files a malpractice claim…

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To-Dos: Your March office checklist

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That’s outside, where winter storms give way to springtime calm. Inside, there can also…

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17 quick tips for law firm leaders

By Robert Denney  bio
Here are some quick pointers to keep in mind, whether you’ve been a firm leader for decades or are new…

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Donʼt get into a merger without smoothing out these rough spots

A merger can bring in more clients, give the firm a presence in a new geographic area, and add depth to an existing practice area…

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How to maintain a well-rested staff and reduce the risk of costly mistakes

It’s time for a wake-up call: Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of U.S. employees say they work while tired, with nearly one-third (31 percent) saying they do so very often, according to a new survey by staffing firm Accountemps.
The costs of working tired—both for professionals and the businesses they…

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Boost quarterly profits with this proven 6-pronged cost cutting plan

As revenues tighten, every administrator is forced to look for new ways to cut expenses. There are lots of dollars waiting to be saved. But many of them are in places so conspicuous they…

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9 ways to stay neutral (and sane) when reporting to multiple lawyers

The job of managing a law office can be unpredictable, because you often don’t have the luxury of answering to just one boss. Instead, there are as many bosses as there are…

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