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Life of the ‘office’ party: Managers’ most embarrassing holiday party gaffes revealed

Falling into a pool, sleeping under a table, fighting with the boss and screaming like a werewolf – scenes from a rough weekend or a…

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TO-DOs: Your December office checklist

Congratulations on making it through 2018! We hope it was a successful and satisfying year for you and your firm and that you take some time this month to…

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5 steps to building a law office staff that cares

What’s the climate like in your organization? Is it productive? Is it inclusive or exclusive? Do your employees enjoy coming to…

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How a mentor program can improve your associate retention rates

It is the money that gets the first-year associates in the door. But it is the work that keeps them there. Many associates are gone by the third year, and most of them go because the…

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Onboarding: How to make your new hire’s first day a success

The first day of working in a law firm can intimidate anyone, whether you’re a new receptionist or a new associate. It doesn’t matter how…

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Surveys find employees are shopping at work on Cyber Monday, but most will try to hide it

Take a look around at your office right now. Are your colleagues actually banging out a report or are they…

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5 proven ways to delegate work and set the staffer up for success on the task

Being a successful administrator calls for an investment.
It is the investment of time and patience to train staff to take on delegated tasks and…

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Here are four good ways to get your work done and enjoy a long weekend

Many managers will agree that the most difficult part of their job is finding time to get all the work done. And, while everyone loves…

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Boost quarterly profits with this proven 6-pronged cost cutting plan

As revenues tighten, every administrator is forced to look for new ways to cut expenses. There are lots of dollars waiting to be saved. But many of them are in places so conspicuous they…

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TO-DOs: Your November office checklist

There’s a lot happening this month—everything from a presidential election to Thanksgiving to Love Your Lawyer Day (yes, really). Here are at least 10 things you should…

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