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New overtime rule now in effect

By Mike O’Brien bio Jan. 1, 2020 was the deadline to comply with new FLSA overtime rule. At the end of September the Department of Labor issued its long-awaited final rule updating the salary level test for white-collar overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Under the new rule, the minimum salary level for exemption is raised from $455 a week to $684 a week, or $35,568 annually. The change marks the first increase in the minimum salary level to take effect in more than 15 years. It is expected to bring overtime eligibility to over a million employees who are ineligible under the current threshold. Although the DOL released a final rule raising the salary level in 2016, the rule was blocked by a federal district court and… . . . read more


Pay rates, vacations while recovering, gig economy

Department of Labor enters final stage of update to ‘regular rate’ rule under FLSA. As we have discussed previously in these updates, the Department of Labor has been working to update the definition of “regular rate” of pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act


Step by step guide to successful lateral hiring

Attracting a lateral hire requires more than sending out a request for resumes.
To find the candidate it wants, the firm has to decide on the specific qualifications it…

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Easy-to-use interview system guarantees a good match between secretary and attorney

For secretarial interviews, an Ohio administrator uses the approach that includes everything—attorney input, staff input and even observations from…

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Always ask these 7 questions before you fire a staffer

They are the seven-question solution. They have become the standard for determining whether a firing is justified…

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The simple secret to hiring a great receptionist

Hire a receptionist and hire the manager of first and lasting impressions. The receptionist position is a marketing position…

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10 interview questions that reveal the true personality of every job applicant

Interviewing job candidates is perhaps the most serious responsibility of management. A bad hire is a full-time disaster, because the…

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Five personalities to weed out when hiring for staff positions

Just as important as being able to do the work and being willing to do the work is having a personality that fits the job…

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Five dangers in dealing with harassment complaints

As with firing, the rules are well known, yet employers still fall into the common violations that spawn claims of sexual harassment, says management consultant Joseph Godwin of F&H Solutions Group in…

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Assigning secretaries to case types improves litigation work flow

A Tulsa administrator had serious secretarial problems. Work flow was stymied, productivity was down, client service was suffering, and morale was low.
The cure, however, was simple. It was nothing more than a secretary reassignment strategy. Now the secretaries still work for specific attorneys but at the same time, each secretary is assigned to handle all the work in a specific area of law.
The outcome is that every matter has one full-time secretarial overseer who has charge of the work from beginning to…

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