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Measure your associates’ satisfaction to keep them on board

Do you know whether or not your firm’s associates are content or if there is a mass exodus in your…

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The County Law Library: Don’t overlook this FREE and valuable legal resource

According to just about every legal management article, webinar, or podcast, the landscape of the legal market in the past few years has…

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Simple ways to kill every tried and true legal marketing effort

The most sophisticated marketing can fall flat from the simplest attorney mistakes. Here are…

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8 pitfalls of letting law firm employees work from home

Contrary to what you might have heard in HR circles, refusing to let employees work from home will not make your law firm a dinosaur that nobody will ever want to work for. In fact, it will put you in the same position as the nearly 65 percent of…

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Use weekly financial reporting to keep partners aware of cash flow

A Vermont manager has found that running the financial reports weekly instead of monthly is an easy way for the partners to stay always aware and in control of what’s…

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How to make sure your intake consultation covers all the services your firm provides

In a law firm, service counts. In fact, it’s often the service more than the legal abilities that brings in repeat business, says practice management and marketing consultant…

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How are your billing and collecting processes?

6 best practices that fit the bill
Training some select clients to pay their bills on time might seem about as possible as…

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How to hold on to clients when a partner retires

Partner retirement is a watershed event, particularly when the partner has originated a large portion of the business or is dominant in the firm’s management or…

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Wish you’d never said that? Here’s how to save the day and perhaps your job

When you’re working in a high-stress environment, it’s not uncommon for tempers to flare and words said that shouldn’t be. It’s unfortunate and…

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Try this proven 7-part employee award program to build motivation throughout the year

In a New York state office, the employee-of-the-month award goes beyond cursory congratulations. It is a recognition that lasts all year with seven reward components…

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