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4 bad financial habits that may increase your policy premiums and your malpractice risk

Ineffective billing and collections practices affect more than the bottom line. They ultimately may determine what the firm has to…

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8 pitfalls of letting law firm employees work from home

Contrary to what you might have heard in HR circles, refusing to let employees work from home will not make your law firm a dinosaur that nobody will ever want to work for. In fact, it will put you in the same position as the nearly 65 percent of…

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How to investigate an employment-related complaint from a staffer

Got a complaint from an employee? Investigate it. If that complaint turns into a legal claim, part of the allegation of wrongdoing may well be that the…

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Some FMLA questions on using vacation time and counting to 50

Here are three questions on the Family and Medical Leave Act.
They are answered by Morganville, NJ, management consultant…

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10 ways managers are improving their law firms

Ah, the woes of running a law office. You know them well: Reams of reports, scheduling squabbles, technology tangles, and so much more. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and strategy to make a…

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3 steps a manager must take to end harmful gossip in the workplace

By Lynne Curry  bio
Gossip, it spreads as fast as wildfire, sours the workplace, negatively impacts morale and productivity, and can create legal liability. If you’d like to wipe it out…

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To-Dos: Your April office checklist

Here are a few tasks that should be addressed this month…

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Is your firm struggling with cash flow?

By Brenda Barnes  bio
While revenue production is the core goal for every business, the real magic is in understanding and managing your cash cycle. You can’t execute without cash…

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How to handle same-sex office romances

strong>Question: Two women who work at our office have recently become romantically involved—with each other. My problem isn’t with the fact that they are both women, but that they are coworkers. How should I handle the situation?

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To-Dos: Your February office checklist

February might be a short month, but there’s a lot packed into it.
Here are 7 areas you can tackle this month to help improve profits, protect the firm, and boost morale…

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