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9 ways to stay neutral (and sane) when reporting to multiple lawyers

The job of managing a law office can be unpredictable, because you often don’t have the luxury of answering to just one boss. Instead, there are as many bosses as there are…

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10 ways managers are improving their law firms

Ah, the woes of running a law office. You know them well: Reams of reports, scheduling squabbles, technology tangles, and so much more. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and strategy to make a…

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Orientation program sends new hires in the right direction

Staff orientation ensures a good start on the job. No matter what the work, the employer/employee relationship is made or broken in the first 90 days, says the director of administration at a 37-attorney office in California. It’s during those first three months that people conclude either…

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How a comment about wages can lead to a costly retaliation claim

A retaliation claim is expensive to defend and even more expensive to lose. And it’s easy for employees to file one in matters related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which covers wage and…

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A few tricks to make anyone a good presenter

It’s not outstanding competence that makes an administrator a good presenter.
“Competence alone is not enough to get a yes vote from the partners,” says executive speech coach Chris Witt of Witt Communications in San Diego.
What’s more, the best ideas aren’t always what appeal to the…

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