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Take advantage of case management software benefits

By Elizabeth Miller  bio Case management software is now so popular in law firms that it is rare to hear of a firm that does not have it. The problem is that even though firms have the software, they don’t take advantage of all the benefits. Managing incoming leads and cases Give your law firm an advantage over other firms by providing potential clients with an exceptional experience without the need for face to face interaction. Offer your clients e-signature to sign retainer agreements and other documents from anywhere. Digitize your client intake with forms making it efficient and convenient to sign on with your firm. Centralized case details The great thing about case management software is that all client information, communications, time entries and notes are in one place. … . . . read more


Test post with spotlight ad

A lawyer and doctor were talking together at a New Year’s party when the doctor complained about how people always asked her for free medical advice. She said to the lawyer, “People probably always ask you for free legal advice…as a fellow professional, how do you deal with it?” The lawyer thought about it, and then said, “I always answer their questions and then send them a bill.” The doctor responded, “Great suggestion, thanks!” The next day at work, the doctor got her mail, opened one envelope, and in it was a bill from the lawyer. We can’t give legal advice by email, or even at a New Year’s party, but here below are five HR law New Year resolutions you can adopt and follow in 2019…and they are free!… . . . read more


The County Law Library: Don’t overlook this free and valuable legal resource

According to just about every legal management article, webinar, or podcast, the landscape of the legal market in the past few years has…

. . . read more


Beating the Workplace Bully:
A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge-tgc

  Bonus Content Webinar Presentation Slides Webinar Handout Loss of good employees … low morale … communication breakdown … How much is your office bully really costing you? Do you want to take immediate, proven steps to crack down hard on bullying … regain control of your workplace … quickly end common “bully behaviors” that kill productivity … and dramatically improve office morale? Then watch Beating the Workplace Bully: A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge, where Dr. Lynne Curry will give you specific, proven steps you can use right NOW to turn the tables on office bullying to make 2016 far more productive – and profitable.


Protected: A Basic Guide to Succession Planning for Law Firms (for attendees)

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Protected: A Basic Guide to Microsoft Excel for Law Office Managers (for attendees)

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Protected: How to Build a Law Office Staff that Cares (for attendees)

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