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Colorado practice cuts costs by hiring IT staffer

Manager Arlene Zimmerman had an IT cost awakening when the computer went down. She called in the vendor’s tech support and paid $100 to find out the computer was simply unplugged.
“I told myself ‘never again!'” says Zimmerman, who manages a professional office in Colorado. So she started on a path of building up as much IT support as possible in-house—and getting the training free.
She began at the beginning. Each time support came in, she made the same request: “Show me what I can do so I don’t have to bother you with…

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7 Quick Tips from the 2014 ALA Conference

By Catherine Jones  bio
More than 1100 law office managers from 14 countries attended the Association of Legal Administrators’ annual conference in Toronto, Ontario this year. The four-day conference spanned two floors of the conference centre, giving everyone plenty of room to comfortably explore. And there was a lot to explore.
The ALA’s “Legal Marketplace” featured 200 exhibitors showcasing everything on an administrator’s wish-list, including an elegant and efficient 5,000 square foot “legal office of the future.”
There were also 90 educational sessions to choose from. Each session was worthy of its own feature article to properly summarize the wealth of…

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Model Tool: 90-Day File Report Card

Why you need this tool:

When your clients are satisfied with your work, they’re more likely to refer you to friends and colleagues. And one proven way to enhance client satisfaction and increase referrals is to provide clients with maximum personal contact.

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