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Ask the Expert: How to name documents in a document management system

Q: “I’m looking for a naming protocol guideline—a compilation of legal and non-legal abbreviations and acronyms for naming documents in our…

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How to implement a leave-sharing program

“How can I help?”
It’s a question that many employees ask when a co-worker or a co-worker’s family member is facing a…

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Wish you’d never said that? Here’s how to save the day and perhaps your job

When you’re working in a high-stress environment, it’s not uncommon for tempers to flare and words said that shouldn’t be. It’s unfortunate and…

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How simple technology solutions can make your job astonishingly easier

As a law office manager, there likely are many days when you are frantically running around trying to make plays, getting blindsided by distractions, and sometimes even…

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What #MeToo means for corporate America and why employers must continue to address sexual harassment in the workplace

The #MeToo movement brought awareness and conversation to one of the most urgent issues facing the workplace today…

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Try this proven 7-part employee award program to build motivation throughout the year

In a New York state office, the employee-of-the-month award goes beyond cursory congratulations. It is a recognition that lasts all year with seven reward components…

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Don’t give discounts to clients without first calculating cost

Discounts are dangerous things. Some firms give them out willingly in exchange for a guaranteed volume of business. Others wind up…

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3 tips for selecting a health and benefits advisor

By David C. Fortosis  bio
The responsibility of selecting, designing, financing, and managing employee benefits is a critical task in today’s law office business. Retirement and medical benefits are subject to more and more…

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How and why you need to carefully screen cold calls from potential new clients

What’s your firm’s process for dealing with a potential new client? What happens when someone sends the firm an email asking for a quote for a real estate transaction or when a frantic caller leaves a…

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5 tactics to try at the next trade show to bring in new business

It’s inexpensive. It hits the exact market the firm wants to target. And it provides face-to-face contact with potential clients…

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