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To-Dos: Your April office checklist

Here are a few tasks that should be addressed this month.

  • Do a first quarter evaluation with employees who have a billing quota. Assess where they are in terms of reaching the annual goal and discuss any changes that need to be made, adjustments in procedures for capturing time or time management skills.
  • Review the firm’s profit and loss statement as it compares to the budget and discuss the results with the attorneys. Were there any unexpected expenses in the first quarter? Are any individual expenses getting out of hand? Are any adjustments needed so that the money picture stays on course?
  • If your firm undertakes marketing projects, such as client events, especially during the summer months, start planning your budget and consider how to get the most effective return on investment of those PR dollars
  • If you have a firm brochure, now is the time to revisit and update the content, especially if any new partners joined the firm after the first of the year.
  • April 22 is Earth Day. Consider buying bus tickets or bus passes for your employees for the day or arrange an office wide car pool day. Or, if your firm is not yet paperless, challenge your employees to go paperless for the day.
  • Prepare for Administrative Professional’s Day (April 24 this year). Plan to thank employees for their great work, either verbally, with a handwritten thank-you note, or through a company-wide email. You could also provide gift cards or movie passes to an employee who has gone above and beyond or feature a standout employee in your company newsletter.

What tasks do you normally tackle in the month of April? Share your strategies and stories with other law office managers and send your comments to

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