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Simple Technology Solutions that Can Make Your Day-to-Day Job Astonishingly Easier!


Downloadable Files:
Presentation Slides
Handout – Technology to Tackle Your Day

Michelle Spencer, Founder,
Legal Learning Development Network

In this unique 60-minute productivity-boosting webinar recording, Michelle Spencer, a leading expert on law firm training, efficiency improvement, and staff development will show you:

  • How to identify the day-to-day tasks, projects, and recurring processes and procedures that can immediately be simplified and streamlined to save you time and work
  • How to leverage office technologies you may already own in new and unique ways to make your job easier, and help you accomplish more in less time
  • Easy, but little-known or often-overlooked, technology solutions that are now successfully being used to boost the efficiency and productivity of law offices across America
  • Inexpensive, often easy-to-use, office technologies that your office should consider acquiring immediately
  • And much more!

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