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Monthly events show appreciation for both employees and employer

At Rosenthal, Levy, Simon & Ryles in West Palm Beach, Fla., both the employees and the employer get their share of appreciation during monthly events designed to boost morale.

Lori Ann DeMayo, the office administrator, explains how it works:

As a small firm we are always looking for economical ways to show our appreciation and to boost the morale of the staff.

Each year, we design a combination of monthly events which are both staff and firm driven—equally balanced to show a true sense of loyalty and camaraderie from both sides. Keeping it balanced helps eliminate what I call the “entitlement syndrome.”

Events such as our Bosses Day appreciation luncheon are completely staff driven. Each October, on Bosses Day, the employees bring in their best dish to honor our shareholders. 

Recently, we recently held our annual tailgate party to kick off the start of football season. We ask that each staff member wear their favorite team shirt and the firm brings in the wings, pork sliders and fries. We also have a football trivia contest for a $25 gift card to the winner. This is an inexpensive and fun event.

Everyone looks forward to our end of year holiday party which is usually a luncheon rather than a dinner as it becomes more economical and includes a raffle with great prizes. Many of the gifts come from our office supply company after we accrue purchase points from ordering supplies all year long. We are able to give away gifts such as flat screen TVs and gift cards.

Other low cost giveaways and morale boosting options include time off certificates. We like to randomly reward an employee for excellent client service with this type of reward. In the past we have done what we call the “TGIF giveaway.” On any random Friday, we will give each staff member a gift card for $15 as our appreciation for working hard all week.

Our yearly event calendar also includes a “dip off” competition in January, which is a staff-driven event where employees bring in their best dip, to be taste tested and judged by our shareholders. The “Best Dip” trophy is awarded to the winner.

Other events include a movie ticket giveaway in June and an ice cream social in July, which are low cost and fun events for the summer.

In addition, once per month we celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. We announce the names of the employee at a meeting and give them a celebratory certificate, which when redeemed will allow them to obtain a $15 gift card or use towards PTO credit.

Milestone anniversaries are celebrated with additional monetary and time off compensation. For instance, a five year anniversary will be celebrated and rewarded with a dozen roses, a spa gift card for $100 and one day off.

As a firm we believe that “you get what you give” and therefore we choose to invest in our people. The simplest gestures can serve to motivate as much as the most expensive item. If you stay consistent, you will see how productive and enthusiastic employees become because they feel appreciated and acknowledged.

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