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Everything You Need to Know NOW About Flat Fee Billing


Downloadable Files: PDF Handout

Liz MillerPresented by Liz Miller, a recognized expert in legal practice management, this 60-minute, Skill-Builder Webinar tells you what you need to know RIGHT NOW about flat fee billing, including how to determine if your firm should consider making the move to flat fee.

You’ll discover why law firms are turning to flat fee billing, the financial and practical advantages of flat fee billing, common objections and obstacles to flat fee, and proven steps to implement profitable flat fee billing in your firm, including how to set flat fees.

In short, you’ll find out if flat fee billing can pay off for your practice.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • What is flat fee billing, what are the different types of flat fee billing, including common terms you need to know
  • Why is flat fee billing becoming increasingly popular with law firms
  • How flat fee billing helps improve efficiency, helps keep costs low, and promotes a more client-centered experience
  • How flat fee billing helps law firms to more easily adopt new technology, including how hourly billing can make it more difficult to control technology costs, and what financial benefits you can expect to see when adopting flat fee billing
  • How flat fee billing helps to reduce administrative costs, and why many firms are now “optimizing” efficiency and profitability thanks to simple, upfront payments from clients
  • How flat fee billing can help your firm gain a competitive edge getting clients, including why flat fee firms are having an easier time explaining billing to clients, and how flat fees help improve the client experience
  • How to implement flat fee billing the right way, including the steps to take first, how to overcome common objections, and 5 proven ways to protect against financial downside when you make the move to flat fee
  • How to set flat fees, including how to make sure you are charging enough, all-encompassing fees vs ala carte fee options, preventing “scope creep“, tactics for controlling costs, and why and how to use time tracking to support your flat fee billing implementation
  • And that’s just a sample! Brings your questions and find out everything you need to know about flat fee billing.









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