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12 marketing secrets of superstar lawyers

By Trey Ryder

#1: They make marketing their highest priority. Superstar lawyers know marketing is the key to success. They hire capable attorneys to do legal work for them so they can focus their attention on maintaining relationships and attracting the clients they want.

#2: They know that nothing is more important than their credibility. Superstar lawyers avoid selling-based marketing, which casts them in the role of a salesperson, because it undermines their credibility and causes people to question whether they can be trusted. They use education-based marketing instead, which attracts clients to them because of their knowledge, skill, judgment and experience.

#3: They seize the number one position in their niche. The Law of Leadership states it is better to be first than it is to be better. Everyone knows Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. But do you know who was second? In marketing, second place is not much better than last place. Superstar lawyers know that to gain the maximum marketing advantage, they must be first in their niche.

#4: If they can’t be first in their present niche, they create a new niche in which they can be first. Do you know who was the third person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean? If you didn’t know who was second, you probably assume you’ve never heard of number three. But you have. It was Amelia Earhart. You remember her because she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Superstar lawyers know if they can’t be first in a category, they create a new category in which they can be first.

#5: They establish themselves as respected authorities nationwide. Superstar lawyers know when prospects see them as an authority, they are drawn to them at both the conscious and subconscious levels. As they broaden their geographical area of recognition, the more knowledge, skill and experience they are presumed to have. Superstar lawyers focus their marketing efforts over a wide geographical area.

#6: They profit from the mystery of distance. Superstar lawyers know the farther prospects go to hire a lawyer, the more knowledge, skill, judgment and experience they believe the lawyer has. This principle gave rise to the expression, “You’re never an expert in your own home town.” By marketing over a wide area, superstar lawyers can attract more big cases than they could find locally.

#7: They create their own unique educational message. Superstar lawyers know education is the highest and purest form of marketing. Their educational message contains an explanation of the prospect’s problem, facts about their background, case histories of past clients, and the steps they recommend to help their prospect solve a problem or achieve a goal. The more they weave their qualifications and experience into their message, the more likely prospects are to hire them.

#8: They create their own method and promote their uniqueness. No two lawyers in the world have the same collection of knowledge, skills and experience. As a result, no two people solve problems in exactly the same way. Superstar lawyers develop a unique method of helping people solve problems or achieve goals. I did this when I introduced The Ryder Method™ of Education-Based Marketing.  Before long, editors at the American Marketing Association featured my method on the front page of their national publication, Marketing News.

#9: They develop a free fact kit so they can send their marketing message to prospects regardless of their location. A free fact kit allows superstar lawyers to put their message into prospects’ hands when they first think about their problem and want to learn about solutions. When prospects discover the lawyer offers free information, they call the lawyer’s office to request the fact kit. Then the lawyer sends the materials by mail or e-mail. This allows the lawyer to put his marketing message into his prospect’s hands often before the prospect calls other lawyers. Superstar lawyers offer their fact kit through their letters, advertising, publicity, newsletters and web sites.

 #10: They establish a presence on the internet. Superstar lawyers make their educational message easily available to prospects by posting it on their web site. They know that because the internet’s scope is so vast—and its uses so varied—their marketing puzzle would not be complete without the internet piece, which is now a cornerstone of law firm marketing. A DUI defense attorney told me even he gets clients from the internet. He said when drivers are arrested, they post bail, then look for a lawyer on the internet because it is more entertaining than flipping through the yellow pages. Superstar lawyers put their marketing information on an internet site so it’s available to prospects no matter where they are or when they want it.

#11: They offer their message in various forms so prospects can choose the form that suits them best. Some prospects cannot afford a superstar lawyer’s fee. Still, they might come to his seminar. Or subscribe to his newsletter. Or buy his downloadable resources. Or…what else? Superstar lawyers know marketing is like a fruit tree. First, they create a powerful educational message that takes root and forms a strong, sturdy trunk. Then each method they use to deliver their message—advertising, publicity, seminars, newsletters, CDs, DVDs, and their web site—becomes another limb. Every limb bears fruit. And the more limbs they grow, the more fruit they harvest. They know that when their tree has a healthy trunk and strong roots, its limbs produce fruit for decades.

#12: They make themselves highly accessible. Superstar lawyers give clients and referral sources their direct line telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, and so forth. They may also give clients their home telephone number. Whatever it takes, they make sure key people know they’re welcome to call anytime.










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