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What They Don't Always Tell You about Managing a Law Office
  • Do You Know the 7 Top Ways to Immediately Improve Your Billing and Collections Process?
  • Do You Know the 10 Interview Questions that Reveal the True Personality of Every Applicant?
  • Do You Know the Surprising Answer to What Your Law Office Staff Really Wants?
Even if you are a highly-trained law office administrator with years of experience, you are constantly confronted with unique, and often challenging, management situations that the office immediately looks to you to solve!
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That's why thousands of professional law office managers count on to stay on the cutting-edge of the latest trends, new developments, new laws, and proven ideas, tips, and techniques for managing a successful law office.


Here's just a sample of the help you get from Law Office Manager

Hiring & Terminations
  • Just how truthful is that applicant’s resume? Here’s how to find out
  • Always ask these 7 questions before you fire a staffer
  • Onboarding: How to make your new hire’s first day a success
  • Easy-to-use interview system guarantees a good match between secretary and attorney
  • 10 interview questions that reveal the true personality of every job applicant
  • Five personalities to weed out when hiring for staff positions
  • Reward good employees by removing bad ones
Increasing Profits
  • Keep profits on track with this quick 5-point spring financial checkup
  • What’s overshadowing your partner's big revenues?
  • 3 proven ways to build a more profitable client base
  • Use this one easy chart to track attorney profitability
  • Use weekly financial reporting to keep partners aware of cash flow
  • Some not-so-difficult ways to increase revenue
  • Six ways to reach the highest possible prosperity
Billing & Collections
  • 7 ways to improve your billings and collections processes
  • Is your firm struggling with cash flow?
  • San Diego firm gets more cash faster with easy-to-use online credit card payment system
  • 6 realities about client billing and how to address them
  • Reports of the death of the billable hour are greatly exaggerated
  • To see better profits, look harder at where money starts and ends
  • Louisiana firm sets up four sure-pay systems
  • Don’t give discounts to clients without first calculating cost
Managing Your Staff
  • 2 proven ways to build staff morale fast
  • Creating culture change: a case study of how one firm made technology training a priority
  • 8 actions to be an exceptional listener
  • Why you need to stop talking to start leading
  • Why employers often get worker well-being wrong and how to get it right
  • Is this the most valuable perk for your employees?
  • How to stage your office for improved productivity
Client Relations
  • How and when to ask a client for a referral
  • Partner retirement: how to keep the clients and assign the business
  • Managing client expectations
  • The predatory client and your workplace environment
  • Clients cite their top 6 turnoff points with law firms
  • Yes, you can fire a client and still get paid
  • How to use client exit surveys to improve service and increase revenue
Ready-to-Use Forms, Tools & Policies
  • Model Tool: Confict of Interest Policy for Romantically Involved Employees
  • Model Policy: Employee resignation
  • Model Tool: Catastrophic Leave Program
  • Model Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Model Tool: Client Privacy Policy
  • Model Policy: Workplace Bullying Policy
  • Model Policy: Employee computer use and social networking
Your Career
  • How to ask the partners for an evaluation
  • How to increase—and demonstrate—your value to the firm
  • 12 signs you are about to lose your job
  • What are your past employers saying about you?
  • Eight rules for running your office right, especially if it’s a small one
  • Get ready to improve and get ready to move
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  • Don’t Let Your Trust Account Get You Disbarred!
  • Presenters: Elizabeth Miller, MBA, Joryn Jenkins, Esq.
  • Simple Technology Solutions that Can Make Your Day-to-Day Job Astonishingly Easier!
  • Presenter: Michelle Spencer, Founder
  • Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting for Law Firm Administrators
  • Presenter: Brenda Barnes, CPA
  • Mastering Difficult Situations: Communication Techniques to Handle Difficult Discussions and Situations in Your Law Office
  • Presenter: Dr Susan Strauss, RN, Ed.D.
  • How to Create & Implement a Successful Mentor Program
  • Presenter: Bianca Moreiras, CEO
  • Pricing in Today’s Legal Market
  • Presenter: Brenda Barnes, CPA
  • The Law Office Manager’s Guide to Advanced Hiring Techniques
  • Presenter: Diane Camacho, CLM, SPHR
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