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Time to Give

By Brenda Barnes  bio

People by and large are generous. And it is this time of year that giving increases dramatically. The charitable impulse goes up by 31 percent each December, and if you own a business or run an organization, research indicates that 63 percent of your employees or members will be giving. Why not consider projects to engage your employees and others in giving? And not just at the end of the year. #GivingTuesday, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a good place to start! Businesses around the country use the day to make donations and kick off community-oriented campaigns.

Giving is good for everybody

Every community has organizations and people in need. We all discover eventually, that personal happiness is connected to assisting causes greater than ourselves. The positive impacts for business are also surprisingly profound. Companies can attract and retain top talent because people want meaning in their work, not just a job and a paycheck. You can also increase brand loyalty and expand your positive reputation in the community.

Enhancing culture in your workplace is a win-win

Business leaders talk about the culture of their workplaces. But a strong culture is more than ping pong tables and a mini-fridge full of cold beer. Culture binds people together to accomplish mutual goals. People engaged in endeavors greater than themselves have stronger connections to each other and their communities. These dynamics create a healthy, happy, and productive work environment. In fact, according to ProjectROI, companies that invest in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can see productivity increase 15%, attrition decrease 25-50%, and revenue increase 20%!

Philanthropy, as a strategy for enhancing culture, provides distinct opportunities for meaningful alignment

An easy way to achieve that strategy in the workplace is Encast’s WorkHERO platform, which is committed to using technology to do something more than just make money. As CEO Leo Ramirez explains, “our goal is to spread the awareness, philosophy, and benefits of community impact and culture. Any business, organization, or individual can use the HERO platform to make giving a part of their daily lives. It is ideal for developing work culture, and will provide your company insight on what matters most to your employees.” Encast focuses on making it easy to engage with payroll deductions, employee grants, volunteer tracking, AI-powered recommendations, and powerful reports. “We built Encast and our HERO platform around the deep conviction that culture flourishes when businesses are aligned with their people – staff and customers.”

Make the commitment to have your business be part of the solution

Encouraging and supporting philanthropy within your own workplace starts a domino effect with nothing but good results. The technology is there to make giving easy and there is no better time to start than now.

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