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3 ways to eliminate flab from your writing and become a stronger communicator

No, this isn’t another New Year’s article on dieting. Today, we’re talking about a different kind of flab that professionals should shed—the kind you find in poor writing.
Flab is the unnecessary words, the words that don’t mean what they’re supposed to mean, and the clichés that everyone’s tired of hearing. Take flab out of your letters, memos, and reports. Flab will never improve a sentence; in fact, it often makes it worse.
First are the redundancies. The scientific name for redundancies is pleonasms. These are the two-word terms where one of the words needs to be…

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The dangers of the disengaged staffer

By Steve M. Cohen  bio
Are some of your employees actually working against you?
When it comes to the bigger picture of your job, your office or your business, the important question is simple: are you engaged? Is your staff engaged? Whether you are an owner, manager or beginning worker, the answers matters.
A national management firm, the Gallagher Organization, has published some startling statistics: In the typical work group, approximately 25 percent of the staff is engaged, 15 percent are disengaged and 60 percent are neither engaged nor…

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How to set SMART personal goals

In your role as law office manager, you no doubt set goals for the practice and your staff. But have you taken the time to think about your career goals?
As baseball great Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.”
Understanding the process
Although a performance appraisal or a new year may seem like an ideal time to set goals, goal-setting should be an ongoing process. Life keeps changing, and priorities change as a result; therefore, goals must be reviewed regularly and…

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Commonly misspelled words

We all have words that trip us up no matter how often we’ve spelled them. When you’re asked to proofread or prepare documentation, know which words you have a problem with and always keep a current dictionary handy. It might be helpful to print off this list and post it above your desk for a quick…


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Ten terrible typos

Here are some typos that made their way past a proofreader.
1. Consequently, the government is not obligated to show that a physician intended to violate the statue.
2. On the menu: calm chowder.
3. Power outrage covering the town. We will reopen as soon as it comes back on…


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Here’s what you missed at the ILTA 2014 Conference

Technology and training are the future for law offices, judging by the presentations and exhibits at a recent legal technology conference.
When the 2014 conference for the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) kicked off at Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN on August 17, Executive Director Randi Mayes felt like she was at a family reunion. “And,” she says, “our family gets larger each year.”
She’s not kidding. Four thousand badges were distributed at this year’s conference, with 1,600 going to ILTA members and the remaining badges to consultants, exhibitors, members of the media, and…

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That’s the spirit