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Navigating Workplace Conflict: Practical Tools for Difficult, Messy, Touchy Situations


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DianeNavigating Workplace Conflict: Practical Tools for Difficult, Messy, Touchy Situations.

Presenter: Lynne Curry, PhD, President of Communication Works, Inc.

Join Lynne Curry for this practical, ‘how-to” webinar that’s packed with the proven ideas, tips and techniques to help you gain positive outcomes from even the most severe personal, professional, and workplace conflicts.

  • How to recognize and respond to the most common types of office and staff conflict situations
  • How to identify difficult and toxic staffers and recognize when conflict situations might arise
  • What steps to immediately take when responding to common workplace conflict situations
  • How to maintain your own “cool” and make it through unscathed when dealing with toxic, angry, and even nasty and insulting staffers
  • The most effective way to start a conflict discussion that also helps avoid conflict escalation
  • How to improve your own communication skills, including how to improve critical listening skills
  • Specific tools and techniques you can use to keep conflict discussions productive
  • How to avoid conflict and confrontations that don’t move toward constructive solutions
  • Tools for mediating between two warring employees!
  • And MUCH MORE!

Date: Wed., Jan 19, 2023
Time: 1pm – 2pm ET
Cost: $97 (free to LOM Premium members)

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