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Like a Boss: Traits and behaviors

By Michelle Spencer  bio

As I was reviewing articles for the Like a Boss series, a few themes kept appearing as key areas of focus for bosses:

  • Communication,
  • Performance Management, and
  • Relationships.

If you are looking for ideas for leadership training, any of these would be a good place to start.

First and foremost, people want open, honest, and clear communication.

Having a boss who is aware of their projects and tasks, helps them set priorities, holds them accountable, and applies standards to everyone equally are also highly desired boss behaviors.

Clearly, people want to know what work is most important to their boss and have their good work recognized.

Because an employee’s relationship with their boss is such an important part of employee engagement and having strong working relationships is key to productivity, I have also included information on the components of rapport and how to build it.

In the next infographic in the Like a Boss series, we will look at what the differences are between a Manager and a Leader, and what is required in each role.

Like a Boss Infographic Series:
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