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Model Policy: Employee computer use and social networking

Why you need this policy:

The law governing your right to discipline employees for the things they say on blogs and social networks is still in its infancy stages. But even from the early cases, it has become clear that online conversations are not simply private matters. There’s a big difference between bad mouthing a company, supervisor or colleague to a friend in a bar over a glass of beer and making those remarks in a blog or correspondence on an external social network like Facebook.

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50 quick training tips

By Michelle Spencer, Senior Trainer, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP  bio
50 Top Tweets from an IT Trainer
As a trainer for a large international law firm, I’m always looking to the future, and part of that includes staying abreast of what is going on within ILTA (International Legal Technology Association). I’ve been fortunate to attend the annual conference for the past several years as part of ILTA’s volunteer leadership. One of the ways I like to…

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Can you use Facebook to screen job applicants?

“We don’t think employers should be asking prospective employees to provide their Facebook passwords [for pre-hiring background checking] because we don’t think it’s the right thing to do.”
– Facebook (statement on company’s website)
Facebook’s statement has set off a firestorm of controversy and misinformation. The popular consensus seems to be that the employer’s practice of demanding Facebook passwords from job applicants is morally “wrong” and “illegal.” We’re not qualified to pronounce judgment on…

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Use a standard calendar entry format firm-wide

Once you’ve established a policy that all calendar events are to be entered into your centralized calendar system, go one step further and create a standard entry format. After all, there’s no point having a calendar that everyone can access if only a handful of people can understand the entries.

Here’s one format you can implement:

[Professional’s initials] – [Case]: [Manner of Appearance]; [Attorney’s initials]-[scheduler’s initials]

So if Kara E. Smith’s assistant…

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Model Policy: Client privacy

Why you need this policy:

As with any other corporate website, law office websites collect and use personal information of site visitors, including “personally identifiable” information, i.e., names and other information that can be traced back to a specific individual. Such use and collection of personal information is subject to requirements under privacy laws.

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Model Policy: Reduced schedule and flexible work arrangements

Why you need this policy:

Once upon a time, the belief was that an individual could be an attorney or a primary caregiving parent but not both. Attitudes—and laws—have changed this thinking and opened the door to all kinds of flexible work arrangements allowing attorneys to balance their professional and parental obligations.

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How long should you keep client and practice records?

A lot of questions come up about the most basic elements of maintaining and destroying client records.
And that’s because to many of those questions “there’s no hard and fast answer,” says Washington, DC, attorney and record management consultant Teresa Schoch is also a past member of the Michigan Bar Association’s ethics committee.
Here are seven such issues.
The 10-year retention practice
How long do client records have to be kept?
Client records are usually maintained for 10 years, Schoch says. “That’s a common number.” It applies to anything other than wills, trusts, documents related to corporate filings, and original documents that have to be kept long…

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How to use social media marketing to pull in more clients

Social media marketing is hot hot hot. But how do you use it like the cool kids in order to market your practice?
Start at the top. The top three networking sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, offer opportunities for spreading the word about the practice’s offerings and expertise.
Network for business
LinkedIn, the leading business network, is nonetheless social. What’s more, because it is a…

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An ever changing policy on using social media

“The reality is that people are going to use social media.”
So more than two years ago, the 65-attorney firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein took the position “that we were going to be tuned in to social media to promote business development,” says Frederick J. Esposito, Jr.,CLM, CFO and director of administration at the firm’s New York City office.
And with that decision came the task of setting standards for using it.
At that time, there were very few guides for the firm to follow, he says. The only applicable information was the rules of ethics regarding advertising. So he researched the benefits and risks of social media, gave a seminar on the findings to the attorneys, and began to develop the…

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