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5 benefits of rules-based calendaring software

1. Use of automated rules-based calendaring software may entitle your firm to discounts for…

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Some FMLA questions on using vacation time and counting to 50

Here are three questions on the Family and Medical Leave Act.
They are answered by Morganville, NJ, management consultant…

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Should you outsource your IT department?

It’s a question many law firm administrators face at some point, particularly when discussing workforce restructuring: Is it time to…

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January 26 is Data Privacy Day. Learn how to safeguard your data

Do your employees how their information is collected, used, and stored by the devices, apps, and websites they use…

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The opportunities, concerns, and challenges related to adopting cloud services

According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, by 2017 two-thirds of all workload will be processed in cloud data centers. Will your firm’s workload be there? Or are you hesitating due to concerns about…




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Two quick tips from a cybersecurity expert

By John W. Simek  bio
1. You are the product: default settings to “steal” your privacy data
It amazes me that nobody seems to read the terms of service or the permission settings when installing software or configuring devices. In this day of instant gratification it seems as though the normal actions are click, click, click on the “I accept” button.
That seems to be what Apple is counting on too. The latest version of Mac OS X Yosemite defaults to send your location information and search query to Apple whenever you use…

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How secure is your content in cyber space? has released its timeline of the most notable cyber security breaches that occurred in the first half of October 2014. According to the…


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Use a standard calendar entry format firm-wide

Once you’ve established a policy that all calendar events are to be entered into your centralized calendar system, go one step further and create a standard entry format. After all, there’s no point having a calendar that everyone can access if only a handful of people can understand the entries.

Here’s one format you can implement:

[Professional’s initials] – [Case]: [Manner of Appearance]; [Attorney’s initials]-[scheduler’s initials]

So if Kara E. Smith’s assistant…

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HR law and employee social networking

Can you discipline employees for social networking offenses?
Answer: It depends.
Explanation: Frittering away time, disclosing patient records, bad mouthing the practice and other offenses are grounds for discipline when they occur “off line.” So why should it make a difference if employees do these things online while social networking?
In theory, it shouldn’t.
The problem, of course, is that the HR laws were forged in a different era and haven’t yet caught up with the realities of social networking.
Eventually they will. But until then, you face the challenge of applying 20th…

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Employees fired for social networking offenses

Here are a few examples of cases in which a court or arbitrator upheld the decision to fire an employee for social network abuses. Note that the existence of a clearly written, specific social networking policy was a factor in each of these cases:…

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