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Telecommuter home office hazard assessment & inspection checklist

While not an OSHA obligation, it’s highly advisable to take measures to protect the health and safety of telecommuting office employees who work from home. How? By having employees seeking approval to telecommute designate a room or area as their home workspace and arranging for somebody to perform a hazard assessment inspection to verify that the workspace is safe, healthy and appropriate for the proposed use. Option 1: Have an office supervisor or manager visit the site and do a physical walk-through inspection; Option 2: Have the employee videotape the space and/or submit detailed photos and a floor plan and do the inspection virtually; Option 3: Have the employee inspect the space himself/herself. Whoever does the assessment should use the Checklist below.


Take advantage of case management software benefits

By Elizabeth Miller  bio Case management software is now so popular in law firms that it is rare to hear of a firm that does not have it. The problem is that even though firms have the software, they don’t take advantage of all the benefits. Managing incoming leads and cases Give your law firm an advantage over other firms by providing potential clients with an exceptional experience without the need for face to face interaction. Offer your clients e-signature to sign retainer agreements and other documents from anywhere. Digitize your client intake with forms making it efficient and convenient to sign on with your firm. Centralized case details The great thing about case management software is that all client information, communications, time entries and notes are in one place. … . . . read more

Tool: Model COVID-19 Contact Log Sheet

Maintaining social distancing will be the price that law offices and other businesses will have to pay to reopen and remain open until the COVID-19 threat goes away. But for social distancing to work, there must be a way to track and analyze actual encounters between people at your office. One simple way to gather the essential data is to have employees and visitors complete a contact log sheet. Here’s a model your office can adapt for its own use.

Tool: Model COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

Regulators have made it clear that workplaces must implement written plans to control COVID-19 exposure risks at the site. Here’s a Model Plan template your office can adapt that provides for the necessary protections.

Tool: Model COVID-19 Medical Screening Policy

Regulators have made it clear that given the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers may implement pre-screening measures to ensure that people who have or may have the virus don’t get into work and spread it to others. But limits still apply and you can get into a lot of trouble if you don’t follow them. Here’s a Model Policy your firm can adapt that provides for the necessary privacy, health and safety, non-discrimination and other protections.


Notice to Client of Increase in Hourly Rate

Why you need this Model Notice to Client:

Clients should be notified in writing of any fee increases 30 days in advance. This
protects both the firm and the client. Informing your client of what to expect and
when to expect it will help your client prepare for the extra expense.

. . . download here

Model Billing Statement

Why you need this Model Billing Statement:

Many clients don’t like to pay their legal bills and without having measures in place to ensure payments, law firms can run into huge headaches. One best practice is to ensure that your billing statement clearly outlines what services your clients are receiving for their money.

. . . download here


Model Retainer Agreement

Why you need this Model Retainer Agreement:

Many clients don’t like to pay their legal bills and without having measures in place to ensure payments, law firms can run into huge headaches. One best practice is to lay out your billing arrangements and hourly fees charged by partners, associates, and paralegals in your retainer agreement.

. . . download here


Sample Budget Spreadsheet

Why you need this budget spreadsheet:

While many attorneys cringe at the thought of creating a budget, there are several important reasons why your law firm needs one, including helping you prepare for unexpected expenses.

. . . download here


Information Security Checklist for Small Businesses

Why you need this checklist:

This checklist, created by Sensei Enterprises, Inc., will help you identify what your cybersecurity program must address.

. . . download here