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Time to Give

By Brenda Barnes  bio
People by and large are generous. And it is this time of year that giving increases dramatically. The charitable impulse goes up by 31 percent each December, and if you own a business or…

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Onboarding: How to make your new hire’s first day a success

The first day of working in a law firm can intimidate anyone, whether you’re a new receptionist or a new associate. It doesn’t matter how…

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Surveys find employees are shopping at work on Cyber Monday, but most will try to hide it

Take a look around at your office right now. Are your colleagues actually banging out a report or are they…

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Yes, you can fire a client and still get paid

By Elizabeth M. Miller  bio
The frequency with which a client fires a lawyer is far greater than the frequency with which a lawyer fires a client. This is because lawyers will have their firm do …

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3 dozen ways to handle difficult discussions

Clear communication is vital in any office, particularly in a law office, where there is a climate of power differential and hierarchy. However, many employees…

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Public image counts just as much as legal quality: 7 good rules

It takes more than good lawyering to make a practice a success. Just as important is a good public image…

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Pop Quiz: Can you find the errors in these 8 sentences?

Proofing a document entails far more than looking for spelling errors and typos. Here are some sentences to proof. See how many errors you can find…

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Here are four good ways to get your work done and enjoy a long weekend

Many managers will agree that the most difficult part of their job is finding time to get all the work done. And, while everyone loves…

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Managing political discussions in the workplace

By Lynne Curry  bio
During the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, more than fifty percent of Americans admitted they had taken part in…

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What you need to know about complying with the FLSA

To be or not to be exempt from overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? That is the big question, according to…

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